Entryway Solutions


Entryway Solutions

The floors in your facility are a significant investment, so you want to protect and maintain them. One essential way to do this, recommended by Philadelphia Commercial, is to use entry way carpet at building entrances.

  1. Provides safety by reducing slips, trips and falls
  2. Increases the useful life of your interior floors by catching soil and debris before they make their way inside
  3. Decreases maintenance costs

Entry Zones

Think of the entrance area as a series of zones. For optimal safety, maintenance and floor life, each zone needs a specialized product.

Entry Zone 1

Outside Entrance

A rough-textured scraping product outside your facility’s doorway is your first-line defense for removing coarse dirt from shoes before they come inside.

Entry Zone 2


Entry way carpet designed for use in Zone 2 is used to remove smaller dirt particles and more moisture from shoe soles.

Entry Zone 3

Reception Area / Lobby

An additional length of entry way carpet may be extended further into the lobby or reception area, so that the highest possible amount of moisture and soil is removed.

Entry Zone 4

Interior Spaces

Choose Shaw carpet that is suitable for your space’s design and performance needs.

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